Information on Submitting Files

File Types

We accept the following file types on Windows formated disks:

  • CDR – CorelDRAW
  • AI – Adode Illustrator
  • EPS – Vector File
  • PDF – Adobe Acrobat
  • TIFF – Bitmap File
  • JPEG – Bitmap File
  • PSD – Adobe Photoshop
  • DOC – Microsoft Word
  • PUB – Microsoft Publisher


Please remember to convert fonts to curves, outlines or paths when creating postscript files and Corel Draw files to prevent missing font issues (otherwise include the font with the file).

Producing Compatible PDF Files

PDF995 software is available as a free download from [here] that will enable you to produce PDF documents from any software you choose.

The software installs as a printer so when you print using the pdf995 printer driver you will produce compatible PDF’s in seconds.

PDF’s are a web & print friendly document that can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader software available [here]

get pdf 995
Download PDF writer here

get adobe acrobat
Download PDF Reader here

Sending Files

We accept USB Sticks, CD/DVD’s, Email and if large files are in order FTP, if you haven’t an FTP service we suggest using a free service such as (signup required no payment is required to send files)

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